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So I seem to have hit a little bit of a slump.   I’ve started working on pacman and ghost coaster but I also moved (just yesterday!).  So I’m still getting settled in and really need to re-organize my beading supplies.  Once I get that done, as well as some other stuff I need to do before classes start, I should be able to finish the pacman coasters and get a post up about that!


I know I just posted something about all my supplies, but recently I found a better way to store stuff.  I got a large Rubber-maid three drawer container, which I thought I’d use for make up and hair stuff, but that didn’t quite fill it up.  I was looking at my beading stuff (which I had squeezed into the small thing my make up and all was in) and decided I had way more beading supplies than make up.  It’s one box (besides the little bucket) and everything fits!  And I can easily find stuff instead of having to dig through things.

Here’s the first drawer, which holds all my beads (and room for more!)

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Just a quick update (sorry no pictures or goodies today, I will be making a future projects post very soon though!).  But I do have my Esty shop set up now!  Nothing is listed, yet but I will be working on that too.  You can find that at:  In addition to that I now have a whole page on my blog on How to Order.  I did get some more beading goodies the other day and will have some great projects coming up (both geeky and non-geeky), but you’ll just have to come back and see for yourself!

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