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The yard sale is finished and I was able to finish getting my Etsy shop set up and get some items posted.  Please check there, if I do well I will continue to post items for sale there and use the blog primarily to show case my creations and allow a resource for custom orders.  My Etsy shop can be found at:, please check it out!

Also, I made a deviantART page for Geek Beads.  Nothing you won’t see here, just another way to spread the word about my work!


In preparing for the yard sale, I’ve been trying to think of how to display my jewelry.  I don’t just want to through it out on a table or leave it in unattractive little ziploc bags.  So I thought that I might make my own jewelry stand.  However, as I was going to yard sales myself this past weekend I found this niffty little rack that I think will work pretty well.  It was originally gold, but my dad spray painted it with a chrome colored paint, I think it looks really good.  It looks like a coat hanger, but it’s less than a foot high.

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I know I just posted something about all my supplies, but recently I found a better way to store stuff.  I got a large Rubber-maid three drawer container, which I thought I’d use for make up and hair stuff, but that didn’t quite fill it up.  I was looking at my beading stuff (which I had squeezed into the small thing my make up and all was in) and decided I had way more beading supplies than make up.  It’s one box (besides the little bucket) and everything fits!  And I can easily find stuff instead of having to dig through things.

Here’s the first drawer, which holds all my beads (and room for more!)

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Just a quick update (sorry no pictures or goodies today, I will be making a future projects post very soon though!).  But I do have my Esty shop set up now!  Nothing is listed, yet but I will be working on that too.  You can find that at:  In addition to that I now have a whole page on my blog on How to Order.  I did get some more beading goodies the other day and will have some great projects coming up (both geeky and non-geeky), but you’ll just have to come back and see for yourself!

As I said last time I’ve been trying to make things I think will sell at our yardsale.  So I was looking through all my stuff and I have a bunch of larger glass beads.  I haven’t done much in the way of simple stringing, but the one idea that had occurred to me was to make cell phone charms with these beads.  This lead me to thinking of other things I can do, and I thought of making bookmarks, so I looked it up and lo-and-behold, people have done it before.  So I’m not that unique with that idea, but the few items I have made so far are petty unique, in that I don’t have many duplicates of these beads, if any.  It may be possible to find some, but there are no guarantees in being able to produce these items again.  Once they’ve been sold that’s it.  I will probably keep finding unique little glass beads and be able to make more, but like a snowflake, they’ll each be different.  Yeah that was a lame analogy, but whatever.

So, this is the first bookmark (or book thong, hehehe) that I made.  I realized after I made it I probably should have put the top heart on the other way, but oh well.  It still looks pretty good.  The seed bead portion is approximately 9 inches in length and is long enough to fit most sized paperback books, as I will show you in a minute.  I will be making some longer ones that will be able to fit larger hard backed books.

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So over the last few days I’ve been trying to put together things that I’ll be able to sell at the yard sale we’ll be having around the 4th of July.  I figured that most of our business will not be geeks, so I have been working on simple things, things that are easy to turn around a profit on.  One of the easiest things I’ve made so far is the covered bangle.  So I’ve made two more, in different colors.

Here is the dark green one I made, and I did make one change in that I used the clear fishing line like thread instead of regular sewing thread.  It actually worked out a lot better, I think, it seemed to hold tighter and of course you just don’t see the white thread.

And here is the second one I made, using a baby girl pink.

As usual, all items here are for sale, please see the information in the sidebar for purchasing info!  In addition, I will be putting up a link to my Etsy shop soon as well as adding a page for prices, perhaps changing the info in the side bar to a full page, we’ll see what I decide to do.

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