So here I wanted to keep a list of all the supplies I currently I have to work with.  I’d be glad to make anything you’ve seen on here in any color you like, these will be the colors I currently have in stock.  I have no problem order a specific color, it will just take longer.  All colors here will be specifically labled, so just tell me what your favorites are!  The bold titles will be the way to refer to a certain color or type of bead.

Specialty beads:

These are beads that I have that are NOT sead beads (the tiny things that I’ve mostly been using).  I may have some others but they have already been dedicated to other projects at the time being.  These beads can come in all shapes and sizes and include crystals and other glass beads.

Specialty beads

  • Purple oblong:  Glass oblong purple beads with a hazy finish
  • Blue crystals:  Round glass crystals

Glass beads

  • Mix of larger glass beads, shapes and colors vary. Red-pink, yellow-orange, green, blue, purple-black. Stars, squares, oblongs, hearts, butterflies.

Sead Beads:

Green mix

  • Green mix: A mix of a few shades of a spring green.

Mixed beads

Starting from the top:

  • Clear color lined – These beads are clear beads, but the hole through the center are lined with various colors
  • Pastel mix -A mix of light pastel colors
  • Silver lined mix – A mix of dark colors, red, green, blue, silver, yellow/gold, that are silver lined
  • Light lavender
  • Oil mix – These beads are dark beads that have a shiny coating that to me, resembles an oil spill on a parking lot
  • Color mix – A mix of solid colored beads
  • Indian mix – A mix of Native American style colors with some turquoise pieces


  • Pink silver lined
  • Peach silver lined
  • Orange silver lined
  • Orange translucent
  • Yellow translucent

  • Bronze silver lined
  • Silver
  • Silver lined
  • Gold
  • Gold silver lined


  • Dark green silver lined
  • Yellow-green silver lined
  • Green silver lined
  • Blue-green silver lined
  • Light blue translucent


  • Dark blue silver lined
  • Light blue silver lined
  • Brown silver lined
  • Brown/purple translucent
  • Red silver lined

  • Black
  • Tin
  • Black silver lined
  • Clear pearly
  • White

Starting from the top, left to right

  • Large clear blue – larger than the small seed beads
  • Blue bugle
  • Large blue silver lined
  • Blue pearl
  • Dark blue translucent
  • Light blue bugle
  • Large dark green silver lined
  • Large yellow-green silver lined
  • Large spring green
  • Spring green bugle
  • Spring green translucent
  • Spring green
  • Clear pink lined
  • Light purple pearl
  • Clear dark pink/purple lined
  • Large clear dark pink/purple lined
  • Purple pearl
  • Purple bugle
  • Pink pearl
  • Light baby pink
  • Pink bugle
  • Large light pink
  • Light pink pearl
  • Large clear hot pink lined

Not pictured:

  • Dark green
  • Black bugle
  • Silver bugle
  • Gold bugle