I’ve posted about this a bit before, but only two of the five coasters.  Here I wanted to fully show case the whole set of mushroom coasters.  I started with the red and green using mini (6.5mm) pony beads from Wal-mart.  I had orange (although I don’t like this color orange much) but I did not have blue or purple so I ordered them along with some more white and black (and glow in the dark!).  So anyways, here’s the full set, all the coasters together; red, green, blue, orange, and the purple poison mushrooms!  There are a LOT more pictures here, so please keep reading!

All of the coasters are hand stitched with thread and plastic pony beads.  I also discovered with testing that the beads tend to slide a lot on the surface that they’re sitting on, so to correct this I decided to add a foam sheet backing, attached with hot glue.  This picture shows the foam backing, which I matched the color to each color of the mushrooms.  I really like this kinda artsy picture.

And here you see all of the mushrooms with the green one flipped over to show the backing.

And another picture to show the backing on the coasters.

And here are a few close ups.  Here is the blue mushroom which I used the beads I ordered, which gave me a bit of a trouble.  The beads I ordered, I assumed that 7mm was the same as 6.5 that they just rounded up but I was wrong.  The blue one actually ended up being slightly longer than the others, but once all the beads are the same size (when I order more again) it should be okay, and really it’s not *that* big of a difference.

Here is the blue one beside the green one that was made with the smaller beads and you can see it’s ever so slightly longer, but not that much.

This is the purple (which is a better purple than in the picture).  The purple on, I accidentally left off a row (the teeth of the skull), which I blame on small diagrams when working (which I will be fixing!) but it still looks okay.  I’ll be doing a seed bead one soon so I’ll show it off again there.

And lastly a close up of the orange one.

And that’s all for today.  I have a large horde mat I’ll be working on for the next few days to a week and then I plan to try to get out a few more small designs (like a coin box, etc.) as well as working on a set of pacman ghost coasters (with glow in the dark beads!!!) so keep coming back to see more!