My geek drink of choice is, of course, Mt. Dew.  I’m also a bit of a neat freak so I use coasters.  Even if you don’t use them they’d make a nice display for your geeky buddies who are over for your LAN party.

I believe I mentioned coming up with this idea a few posts back and I picked up a mix pack of mini pony beads.  I      used the same pattern from the large seed bead mushrooms I’ve been doing and it turned out to be the perfect size.   Here’s the green one I did.  These are a little flexible, but I think they’d work well as a coaster.

And here’s the red one I did as well.  After I made the first one I was able to get this one a little more stiff, still flexible but it’s just overall a bit tighter than the first one.

And here they are side by side.  I’m planning on making a few more and I’m currently working on an orange one.  I’m also going to be getting some blue and purple beads to make a blue mushroom and a purple poison mushroom.

I also plan to be making more large seed bead mushrooms of different colors, I’ve also noticed that most have white spots with a colored top so I think I’m going try doing some that way and do a seed bead poison mushroom.  I’m also going to be working on making a Mario coin box as well as Zelda rupees and a few other projects.  I really want to get some geeky things made even if I don’t put them on anything yet just so I can show case them and get people interested.