You’ve seen the red earrings I did with the white and blue, so I decided to play around with the black ones.  I thought that gold and silver would go well with black.  I suppose these didn’t turn out  quite as well as I thought they would, but they’re not bad, just not my thing.  They actually look kind of Egyptian.  I also couldn’t use the clear cord like I did on the red earrings, the black ones were flat and the beads wouldn’t sit flush against it using the cord, so I used black thread and it seemed to work better.  I had intended to do some dangles on these as well, but they just didn’t look very good.

So the set on the top is a single row of silver on the black.  The bottom left is silver and gold, and the bottom right is just gold.

Here’s a close up of the silver ones.  These are a metallic silver finished bead (not real silver, just the look).  They seemed to dull a bit with handling, as did the gold, but I can’t really tell.

And these are the gold ones close up.  I didn’t do quite a full 2nd layer, I thought it made these look more Egyptian that way.

And lastly the silver and gold pair.  The picture doesn’t show the silver and gold, it seems to kind of blend the two colors together, so it’s kind of hard to tell, but I think these look okay.

All of these I used a small hoop for and I could definitely do them on a larger sized hoop if desired.  I may hold on to some of the black earrings to use near Halloween for black and orange.  I’ve also decided to use the middle of the hoop for stuff (as you’ll see in an upcoming post with silver earrings), so I was thinking I could do little pumpkins and stuff inside them.