In case you guys haven’t noticed… I love butterflies.  I tend to make things I find attractive or pretty, even though I don’t wear much, if any, jewelry.  I also love purple (it is epic ya know… okay bad WoW joke…).  But anyways, today I’m going to show and talk about two necklaces I’ve made.

This first one doesn’t really use a charm or anything, but I had ordered some butterfly shaped beads which I expected to be well… big.  What I got was iiiiittty bitty.  But that’s okay, I didn’t know, so I maded a use out of them anyways.  It might be hard to see, cause they are so small, but this necklace features four small butterfly Swarovski shaped crystal beads and one larger glass butterfly bead.  It’s a simple strung necklace with alternating pink and white, with just white after the butterflies start.

The second necklace, I had found a purple butterfly shell pendant and wasn’t really sure what to do with it… so I decided to put it on a spiral cord like I’ve done before.  It’s simple and I think it looks pretty nice.  I picked a pink and purple that worked well with the pendant and then… I ran out of purple…  So the very ends near the clasp I finished off with just the pink.  I think it looks okay, and it will be most likely behind the neck and not that noticeable.   This is not a choker and measures approximate 20inches long.

And that’s all the butterflies for right now.  My next post WILL be future geeky projects, I promise!  I have designs laid out, so hopefully you guys will like them and feel free to send other suggestions of geeky things I could try to make.  As far as non-geeky projects I have in line to try to finish before the yard sale, I want to work up another fully-covered bangle with a pastel mix as well as some simple bracelets and chokers and necklaces.  I also want to try a ‘super twisted’ bracelet, using two spiral rope cords twisted together.  I also have some crystal or glass (i’m not sure what they are) dark green butterfly charms, so yes, there will be more butterfly work in the future.  I also still have all the shells that I need to do something with.  I’m hoping I can make stuff and run out of things, but I don’t think that will happen. I’ve been seeing lots of charms and things I’d like to use but I need to use up what I have first I think.  Anyways, that’s it for today.  If you like anything you’ve seen please check out the How to Order page or send me an email at!