I know I just posted something about all my supplies, but recently I found a better way to store stuff.  I got a large Rubber-maid three drawer container, which I thought I’d use for make up and hair stuff, but that didn’t quite fill it up.  I was looking at my beading stuff (which I had squeezed into the small thing my make up and all was in) and decided I had way more beading supplies than make up.  It’s one box (besides the little bucket) and everything fits!  And I can easily find stuff instead of having to dig through things.

Here’s the first drawer, which holds all my beads (and room for more!)

The second drawer has all my pliers, stringing, and finishing supplies.  I also found two spools of ribbon (brown and pink) that I will probably find some use for.

And the last drawer has everything else, bangles, earrings, shells, and charms.  I  organized the shells as you can see, and yes that is scrap book paper.  I had some for some unknown reason and was getting rid of it but thought that hey, I can use that to make jewelry cards, since I want to sell stuff.  Thought it might look nicer than putting everything in a little plastic baggie.  I also found some labels, like you’d use to print your own address labels, and I thought I can make some nice little logo labels to put on the cards with the blog and Etsy shop address so that I can encourage people to come online and check out my stuff and buy more and pass it on to their friends.

Lastly, I did actually get a dremel (instead of relying on my dad’s while I’m at home) so that I can continue to do more with the shells.  I’m really starting to feel a push for the yardsale, I want to get as much product finished as I can.  Once that’s over with I will start making more geeky things and start listing things on Etsy, although I might get some items up sooner, we’ll have to see what happens.  Anyways, I think that’s it for today.  I have a bunch of posts I’m working on, including my semi home-made jewelry stands, some other pieces I’ve made, and some future project designs.