In preparing for the yard sale, I’ve been trying to think of how to display my jewelry.  I don’t just want to through it out on a table or leave it in unattractive little ziploc bags.  So I thought that I might make my own jewelry stand.  However, as I was going to yard sales myself this past weekend I found this niffty little rack that I think will work pretty well.  It was originally gold, but my dad spray painted it with a chrome colored paint, I think it looks really good.  It looks like a coat hanger, but it’s less than a foot high.

The rack will work well for hanging things, like bracelets and necklaces, but it won’t work so well for earrings.  I’m planning on making cards for the earrings, that can be hung up on some sort of rack.  So I found these in the clearance isle at Wal-mart for 75 cents.  These little things are intended to be a tie and belt hanger for your closet, but really, how many people have that many ties or belts?  Maybe some businessman, but no wonder this in clearance as I don’t see this being a hot item.  I figure I can either set these up, or hang them or something and use them to hang earrings or earring cards on

I also got some string price tags to attach to items (my dad tends to get in a selling frenzy, so I have to pre-price my items).  But as an example of what I’ll be doing at the sale with the little coat rack, here’s a picture with some of my creations on it.  I may make some other stands or something, but I will definitely post some pictures of my set up at the yard sale and some of the labels and jewelry cards once I make them.  Until then, keep posted as I have some other posts I will be putting up soon (future stuff, shells, other new creations).