As I said last time I’ve been trying to make things I think will sell at our yardsale.  So I was looking through all my stuff and I have a bunch of larger glass beads.  I haven’t done much in the way of simple stringing, but the one idea that had occurred to me was to make cell phone charms with these beads.  This lead me to thinking of other things I can do, and I thought of making bookmarks, so I looked it up and lo-and-behold, people have done it before.  So I’m not that unique with that idea, but the few items I have made so far are petty unique, in that I don’t have many duplicates of these beads, if any.  It may be possible to find some, but there are no guarantees in being able to produce these items again.  Once they’ve been sold that’s it.  I will probably keep finding unique little glass beads and be able to make more, but like a snowflake, they’ll each be different.  Yeah that was a lame analogy, but whatever.

So, this is the first bookmark (or book thong, hehehe) that I made.  I realized after I made it I probably should have put the top heart on the other way, but oh well.  It still looks pretty good.  The seed bead portion is approximately 9 inches in length and is long enough to fit most sized paperback books, as I will show you in a minute.  I will be making some longer ones that will be able to fit larger hard backed books.

Here is the yellow bookmark in action.  The first book I grabbed off my bookshelf was Harry Potter, so… yeah…  it works well though!

So next, I made one using orange as the color theme.  This one features a star and a heart, and I turned the star this time.  It’s kind of hard to tell by this picture, but on the seed bead portion I alternated colors, using a darker silver lined orange and a lighter translucent orange.

And this is just an artsy picture I took of the two bookmarks together.  I happened to pick them up together and lay them down and it just looked really cool.  The orange and yellow definitely goes well together.

And last but not least, I made a cell phone charm.  I had a light blue butterfly and a small flower and they just didn’t seem big enough for the main beads in a bookmark, so I made this cute little bookmark.  Sorry the picture isn’t very good.