Okay, so the blog is titled ‘Geek Beads’ and everyone that’s read so far is probably thinking “WTF! I haven’t see anything geeky yet!”  Well today I’ll give you geeky!  And yey I got better pictures of what I wanted to show, for the most part.  My camera apparently has a ‘face recognition’ thing and I have to force it to focus on things.

So one of the first things I decided to try to make is something from a classic.  The mushrooms from Mario.  I came up with two designs, which I will show you here.  There’s a large mushroom, that has more detail, that I’ve used for key chains and the center piece of a necklace.  Here is one of the key chains I’ve made.  I’ve only made a green one (1-up) so far, but it would be simple to make red ones, as well as any other color seen in the Mario games.  I’m very happy with that picture!

I’ve also made a smaller version of the mushroom, which I’ve been using for cell phone charms and whatnot.  I’ve also used it on a necklace.  Here’s the first necklace I’ve made, pretty simple with one large green and two small red mushrooms.  I also made a pair of earrings out of the small red mushrooms to go with the necklace in the set.  Again, it’d be easy to change the colors around, it can even be colors not seen in Mario, if you just really like a particular color.  This picture isn’t that great and this item has actually been sold so I could not get a better one.  I will possibly have action shots in the short future though!   The design is still for sale as I can always remake anything.

Also I have cell phone charm cords, so I’ve been making small mushroom charms for small mushrooms.  Here’s an example of one.  I know it looks a little different because I wasn’t paying attention while making it and messed up a bit.  I think it looks fine by itself, but it wouldn’t have worked in the pair of earrings I was making at the time.  Again happy with the picture.

If any of these creations interest you (or would interest someone you know *hinthint* by your gamer girlfriend a present) please let me know and I can try to provide you with better quality pictures.  All items (unless specifically stated) are available for purchase or order, some items may need to be remade if they have already been sold.  Also comment on a post or email me (info in the sidebar) if you have any other suggestions or comments, I’d love to hear from people!