Again, not geeky sorry, but I think it’s still pretty neat.   So I look through patterns and stuff online as well as get emails with free patterns occasionally.  I got an email one day with several patterns using brick stitch, which I hadn’t tried yet.  One of the patterns was called Round About, which used wire in the middle of a stitched together tube basically, so I thought I would try it around a bangle.  I found some at Wal-mart (pretty cheap, 18 for like 5 bucks) and got to work.

Brick stitch was one of the most frustrating things I’ve tried so far.  It took several attempts to get it working out right, but I finally got the hang of it.  And I think the result turned out very nice looking.  I used clear beads that were color lined (lined means the inside of the hole is coated).  I have a bunch of other bead mixes I want to use for this type including a solid pastel mix as well as a multicolored dark bead (the best way I can describe it is it looks like a wet oily spot in a parking lot).

Here’s another picture from an angle that shows off the bangle a little more.  I was very pleased with the result and I look forward to making more.

After making this previous bangle I was looking through all my beading supplies (which I have WAY) more than I need and I’m going to make a post about that sometime, just to talk about things if anyone is interested in doing this stuff themselves.  But I had some larger beads whose diameter was about that of the width of the bangle, so I decided to essentially wrap beads around the component and here’s the result.

The next I may make with a clear thread, just so you don’t notice it as much, but I still think it looks pretty good.  I have a few other colors of this larger type of bead and I will probably make a few more.  If you have a particular color in mind, I can order it, but there may be an added cost for more expensive beads.  The beads I have been using are typically from kits or packs which may not have the best quality and requires some picking  through, but sometimes the little imperfections and irregularities give things like this more character, makes it seem more hand-made I suppose, but that’s just my opinion.

Again if any of these creations interest you please let me know and I can try to provide you with more pictures if necessary as well as prices.  All items (unless specifically stated) are available for purchase or order, some items may need to be remade if they have already been sold.  If you like an item but would prefer a different color, let me know.  I will let you what colors I have (which I will also probably do in another post) or if you just want a specific color I can order it.  Please keep in mind that if an item has been sold I can remake it but it may require additional time, in addition, if you request a color I need to order it will also take additional time.  Also, please comment on a post or email me (info in the sidebar) if you have any other suggestions or comments, I’d love to hear from people!