So my beading career actually began long long ago.  Every summer when I was between 5th and 7th grades, I participated in a Summer FAIR program (FAIR standing for Fine Arts In Rockbridge).  One summer a beading class was offered so I thought I’d take it and I loved it.  This class gave me the basic on how to make beadwork, follow patterns, etc.  I had a lot of fun with it, but after that I never did much with it, a little bit here and there, start projects and never start, you know how it goes with hobbies sometimes.  This little amulet purses is one of the things I made in that class.  Sorry the picture quality isn’t the best, it’s hard to find good light in my house.

Pretty good huh?  Especially for a pre-teenager.  So recently, I was very bored.  My one friend (yes you Rachael), was sewing and making neat little hats and things and even made me a panda hat ❤ so I decided to get back into what I remembered and made her a little cell phone pouch which I did not get a picture of it, perhaps she’ll provide one sometime if she can find it heh.  After that I started looking things up and found patterns and made a few other things.  One thing I made from a pattern titled “Raised Expectation”.  I made a blue version for a friend for her birthday, but again, didn’t get a picture.  However I did make another that I’ll show you here.  I like to call it ‘Sunshine’.  This project uses a right-angle weave stitch.

One of the next things that I made is a necklace with a butterfly charm.  If you can’t guess… my favorite color is purple, with silver coming in second.  This is one of my favorite things I’ve made, I think it’s really pretty.  It was also very easy to make since it’s a simple stringing project.  I haven’t been able to find anymore small butterfly beads though, well I did, but I misjudged the size greatly with I ordered them.  I’m going to make another necklace similar to this soon, so I’ll definitely post when it’s done.

The butterfly charm came with a similar dragonfly charm, so I decided to do a choker.  And for whatever reason when I think of dragonflies I think blue and green.  This type of necklace was actually really simple to make, I’m definitely going to make more basic necklaces and bracelets like this, possibly with nice charms when I find things I like.

Rachael really liked the design I had done with the dragonfly, so she asked me to make her a mostly green one for a charm she had gotten, which the finished project is shown below.  This project is not for sale, however, if you have other charms that you would like a chain or necklace of some sort made, I would be happy to make it.

If any of these interest you (or would interest someone you know) please let me know and I can try to provide you with better quality pictures.  All items (unless specifically stated) are available for purchase or order, some items may need to be remade if they have already been sold.  Also comment on a post or email me (info in the sidebar) if you have any other suggestions or comments, I’d love to hear from people!